PAR 46 Combo Lighting Pack

Light up your entire stage!
This Par 46 Combo Pack from American DJ includes a 200 watt lamp (LL-200PAR46), brushed aluminum par can, clamp, safety cable, gel frame and filters, and power cord.
Availability: Will arrive in 7-10 Business Days

From American DJ, this package includes a 200 watt lamp (LL-200PAR46), one Par 46 par can, four color gel filters, clamp, safety cable, gel frame and power cord. You must remove the packing foam and connect the lamp to the socket. There is no power switch, after plugging the Par can in, it will light up. This Par can is fitted with a lamp which is highly susceptible to damage if improperly handled. Never move the fixture until the lamps have had ample time to cool. Remember, lamps are not covered under warranty conditions. Remember Par 46 Combo Lighting Pack pack lamp is packed to protect against cracking during shipping. Please remember to remove all packing material before connecting to a power source.

More Information
Availability Will arrive in 7-10 Business Days
Manufacturer American DJ
Technical Specifications Par 46
200 watt lamp (LL-200PAR46)
Dimensions N/A
Features Brushed aluminum par can
Gel filter
Four color gels included
Safety cable
Power cord
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