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Kingdom now offers lamps/bulbs from all the world's leading projector manufacturers and can source lamps/ bulbs for over 8,500 projector models!

Diamond Lamps
Using the same bulb as supplied to the æoriginal manufacturerÆ above, a Diamond Lamp is a lower cost alternative that does not compromise quality. Complete with a new chassis, this lamp gives identical performance to the Original Manufacturers Lamp with an unprecedented 4 month warranty.

Diamond Lamps:
KBB614, KBB890, KBB910,KBB920, KEB250, KEB43, KIB3116, KIB5124, KOB1060, KOB665

Original Manufacturers Lamps:
As supplied by the original projector manufacturer, this lamp typically uses a bulb supplied to them by one of the major bulb manufacturers, Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita.

Original Manufacturers Lamps:
KBB764, KBB870, KBB9202, KBCE235, KEB26, KEB85,
KOB779, KSB145, KSB175, KSB500, KIB126, KIB3124, KIB3126, KIB3128, KIB5132, KIB5142, KIB3926, KSB246, KSB276, KSB276W, KVB945, KIB3124, KSB246, KAB255, KAB510W

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Image SKU Product Name Price Qty
KAB510W Ask Proxima KVPP510W Video Projector Bulb
KBB614 BenQ KVPB614 Video Projector Bulb
KBB764 BenQ MX764 Video Projector Bulb
KBB910 BenQ SH910 Video Projector Bulb
KBB920 BenQ SP920P Video Projector Bulb
KBB9202 BenQ SP920P Video Projector Lamp 2
KBB890 BenQ SP890 Video Projector Bulb
KBB870 BenQ SP870 Video Projector Bulb

Out of stock

KCBE235 Canon LV-8235 Video Projector Bulb
KEB26 EikiLC - XBL26 Video Projector Bulb
KEB250 Eiki LC-XB250 Video Projector Bulb
KEB43 Eiki LC - XB43 Video Projector Bulb
KIB112 InFocus Replacement Projector Bulb for IN112
KIB126 InFocus IN126 Video Projector Bulb
KIB3926 InFocus IN3926 Video Projector Bulb
KIB3124 InFocus IN3124 Video Projector Bulb
KIB3126 InFocus IN3126 Video Projector Bulb
KIB3128 InFocus IN3128 Video Projector Bulb
KIB3116 InFocus IN3116 Video Projector Bulb
KIB5132 InFocus IN5132 Video Projector Bulb
KIB5124 InFocus IN5124 Video Projector Bulb
KIB5142 InFocus IN5142 Video Projector Bulb
KOB551 Optoma Projector Bulb for TX551
KOB665 Optoma TX665UST - 3D Video Projector Bulb
KOB779 Optoma TX779P Video Projector Bulb
KOB1060 Optoma TH1060P Video Projector Bulb
KSB246 Sony VPLEX246 Video Projector Bulb
KSB276W Sony VPLEX276W Video Projector Bulb
KSB276 Sony VPLEX276 Video Projector Bulb
KSB145 Sony VPLEX-145 Video Projector Bulb
KSB500 Sony VPL-FH500L Video Projector Bulb
KVB945 Vivitek Replacement OEM Bulb for D945VX Projector
BenQ KVPB614 Video Projector Bulb


Kingdom offers these tips for extending  your lamp life:

1) Never touch the bulb with your fingers, always use a cloth for handling.

2) When installing your Lamp/ Bulb: Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves; deposits from fingerprints cause temperature 'hot spots'. In the long term, the accompanying temperature gradient stresses the glass resulting in early failure.

Clean the air filters of the projector. Blocked filters make the lamp overheat and fail early. Manufacturers can test for this kind of failure and any warranty becomes invalid. Always ensure that there is good airflow around the projector.

If you are fitting a bulb into an existing module housing, ensure the terminals are not over tightened as the ceramic can be cracked and reduce the electronic insulation of the lamp. Alternatively, if they are under tightened, it can cause arcing on the terminal which puts undue load on the ballast that can then lead to a failure.

For plug in bulbs, be sure the lamps are seated completely. The tendency is to stop at the first sign of resistance. Continue to apply force at the base of the lamp until you are sure the lamp is secure.

3) To further extend lamp life, Remember these steps when switching off your projector: Always switch off using the remote control and not by disconnecting the power, the projector will invariably go into a cool down mode where the image is turned off and the fan accelerates to cool the lamp in a controlled manner. The temperature of an operating lamp is many 1,000's of degrees. Disconnecting the power to the projector prior to the above process causes the glass in the lamp to cool unevenly and will result in a stress fracture and early lamp failure.

4) Lamp failure can be due to mechanical shock. Always make sure that the  unit is turned off and the lamp is cool before moving the unit. A hot lamp filament is very fragile.

5) If your projector is equipped with a "high/low lamp" switch you can extend your average lamp life by using the "low lamp" position whenever possible.

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