Using the compare feature

How to use the "Compare Products" feature on

A Account is required to use this feature. Don't have a Account? Click here for information on how to create one.
Step 1

1.   The first step is to identify the products that you wish to compare. This is done by clicking the "Add to Compare" link at the bottom of every product.
Step 2

2.   When you have successfully added a product to the Compare list, you will be redirected to the homepage, where this message will appear. You can then hit the "Back Button" and add as many products to the list as you wish.
Step 3

3.   You will now need to visit then need to visit the "My Account" page on and log into your account.
Step 4

4.   You can locate the "Compare Products" option on the left-hand side of your screen. (It will be about half way down the page.) You should see all of the products that you are interested in comparing (that you have added) in your list.

If all of the products that you wish to compare are there, then click the orange "Compare" button.
Step 5

5.   You can now review/ compare all of the copy, features and specifications for your selected products on one convenient page. You can add your product choice to the cart and checkout.
Step 6

6.   Once you have completed your comparison, You will need to return to the "My Account" page on to delete the products from your "Compare" List:
Step 7

7.   Simply click the "Clear All" Link (Be sure that you have completed your comparison, or you will need to add the products back before viewing it.) You will get a pop-up screen confirming that you want to remove the products from your list.
Step 8

8.   Click "OK"
9.   You should receive a confirmation that your list has been deleted, and your "Compare Products" box should now have the text that reads " You have no items to compare.". You are ready to start adding products and creating a new list.
Step 9

Step 10