Stage Lighting Power Cable Plugs

Kingdom has a wide selection of power and lighting plugs perfect for wiring your own power cables, replacing damaged plugs, or even having a spare on hand for emergencies!

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PLUGEDIS Edison Power Cable Plug 15 Amp
PLUGSTGE Stage Pin Cable Plug 20 Amp
PLUGTWIS Twist Lock Power Cable Plug 20 Amp
Stage Lighting Power Cable Plugs

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Select one of these Power Cable Plugs for your lighting needs!

When you need a plug for your stage light, select one of these to meet your needs.  Kingdom offers Edison, Twist Lock, or Stage Pin plugs so you can choose the best plug for your application.

Notice: Kingdom recommends you contact a certified electrician for any electrical or plug wiring questions.

Plug Type
Things to Consider
Edison Plug (PLUGEDIS)
  • Common to most homes and churches
  • Works with standard wall outlets
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with most extension cords
  • Can work loose or be pulled out easily
  • Pins may be bent easily
Twist Lock Plug (PLUGTWIS)
  • The twisting action prevents accidental unplugging
  • Plug will not work loose over time
  • Not compatible with standard wall outlets
  • It is difficult to straighten the pins once they are bent
  • Not as common as other plug types
Stage Pin Plug (PLUGSTGE)
  • Common to most modern theaters
  • Plug will not work loose over time due to the split pins
  • Can be used with higher power loads compared to other plug types
  • Pins are very difficult to bend or damage
  • Easy to wire
  • Not compatible with standard wall outlets

Additional Information

MPN plug
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