Soundman Aptitude Test

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Soundman Aptitude Test

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Soundman Aptitude TestExcellent hearing... but he can't mix! Determine a person's natural ability to be trained as a soundman Being a soundman is not all about turning knobs; FIRST it's about the ability to discern good sound from bad sound. If your soundman can't distinguish when something is WRONG, how will he know when it needs to be fixed? The S.A.T. (Soundman Aptitude Test) will test your potential soundperson's ability to hear intonation, identify instruments, vocal balance, instrumental balance, overall sonic quality, and some advanced sonic concerns. The S.A.T. comes on two CDs — a TEST CD and an ANSWERS and EXPLANATIONS CD. It can be used over and over. The value of this program is immeasurable when compared to the time and frustration of trying to train an unqualified operator. TEST... then TRAIN! Take the S.A.T. Soundman Aptitude Test.

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