SKB Rolling Equipment Rack with Handle - 6 Rack Space

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SKB Rolling Equipment Rack with Handle - 6 Rack Space

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SKB Rolling Equipment Rack with Handle - 6 Rack Space
Ideal for those looking to transport heavy remote recording and sound reinforcement equipment, ranging from power amplifiers to signal processors. They feature industrial grade steel threaded rack rails and full access rear lids. Rear rack rails are included which allows enhanced load capacity and stability, ideal for especially heavy weighted power amplifier units. They are also TSA (airline) approved for travel! Comes in 4 and 6 rack units or get a 4 rack unit designed to hold your laptop or notebook computer on top! All units can be stacked for expandability and locked together for stability.

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKB
Technical Specifications N/A
Dimensions N/A
TSA latches
Threaded steel rails
Built-in wheels
Rear access door
Low profile handle
Rear rack rails now included