PreSonus StudioLive™ 64AI Mix System

 This allows you to communicate with your entire network of equipment so you can control everything from your device of choice.

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PreSonus StudioLive™ 64AI Mix System

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A revolutionized way of mixing is here thanks to PreSonus and their AI Mix Systems that give you an analog workflow with digital features for mixing. 

No medium-format mixer will give you the versatility you want at a price point like this plus digital processing and great features that you won't find on other mixers.  Since these AI Mixing Systems are actually two boards put together for one larger fully functioning board, PreSonus created a "secret power" feature which allows one board to run off the same power source as the other one using a FireWire cable.  You'll find that these mixing systems are loaded with incredible technology and features, one of which and one of the most important ones, is Active Integration.  This allows you to communicate with your entire network of equipment so you can control everything from your device of choice.  Adjust monitors with your iPad while standing in front of them instead of from the sound booth.  Change the master level while in the middle of the congregation so you can better understand what they are hearing.  So many options, so much control over your system, with great features like this and an incredible price point, the only question you have left to ask is this: "Do I want the StudioLive 48AI or the 64AI?"

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SKU PS1075
Manufacturer Presonus
MPN StudioLive™ 64AI Mix System
Choose your Full-Color Design No

Dual Fat Channel signla processing with 4-band parametric EQ,compressor,gate,limiter, and more on all 64 input channels and all buses-all with A/B comparison,Tightly integrated software library includes Studio One Artist 2.6 DAW with StudioLive scene compatibility,Capture 2.1 live-recording software,Virtual StudioLive-Al mixer-control software with Smart Measurement Technology,StudioLive Remote-Al ipad app and QMix-Al iphone monitor mix control,32 dedicated mix buses for easy configuration,80-in/66-out FireWire s800 recording interface (24-bit,44.1 and 64kHz),Dedicated Ethernet port and USB 2.0 port for included WI-FI LAN adpater for direct networking-no computer required!,Linking adapter,PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone,and custom dust cover included.

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