Peavey Versarray 218 Subwoofer - Black

Advanced cooling system and up to 9600 Watts of Peak Power!

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Peavey Versarray™ 218 Subwoofer

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The Peavey Versarray™ 218 Sub-woofer offers up to 9600 peak power!

These sub-woofers will handle an amazing amount of power for an even more amazing sound. They are durably constructed and even include a venting system for advanced cooling. The Peavey Versarray sub-woofer will provide your ministry with a quality sub-woofer creating amazing sound for years!

Additional Information

SKU PV1215
Manufacturer Peavey
MPN 00584470

Power Handling: 2400 watts continuous, 4800 watts program
Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 1.5 kHz (anechoic environment)
Full-power low-frequency response down to 38 Hz
Two 18" vented Lo Max® woofers
4/8 ohms selectable
9600 watts peak
One Neutrik® 8-pin Speakon® input
One Neutrik® 4-pin Speakon® thru imput (use with 8-pin input)
Patented UniVent vented cooling system (U.S. Patent #6,549,637)
Durable GatorHyde® finish
Made in the U.S.A.
Two Neutrik® 4-pin Speakon® inputs in parallel

Technical Specifications

Frequency response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine: Anechoic environment: 46 Hz – 1.5 kHz (±3 dB)
Half-space environment: 41 Hz
Usable low frequency limit (-10 dB point): Anechoic environment: 34 Hz
Half-space environment: 31 Hz
Power handling: Woofers paralleled - 2,400 W continuous - 4,800 W program - 9,600 W Peak
Woofers driven separately, each 1,200 W continuous - 2,400 W program - 4,800 W Peak
Sound pressure level, 1 watt, 1 meter: Woofers paralleled, 2.00 V input
Anechoic environment: 100 dB SPL, Half-space environment: 106 dB SPL
Woofers driven separately, 2.83V input to each Anechoic environment: 103 dB SPL,
Half-space environment: 109 dB SPL
Maximum sound pressure level (1 meter): Anechoic environment: 134 dB SPL continuous - 140 dB SPL peak
Half-space environment: 140 dB SPL continuous - 146 dB SPL peak
Transducer complement: 2 x 18 in. vented Lo Max® 18 woofer
Box tuning frequency: 36 Hz
Recommended active crossover frequency region and slope: 120 Hz at 18 dB/octave minimum
Impedance (Z): Woofers parallel: Nominal: 4 Ω  Minimum: 3.3 Ω
Woofers separate access: Nominal: 8 Ω x 2 Minimum: 6.6 Ω x 2
Input connections: 2 x 4-pin Neutrik® Speakon® inputs in Parallel - 1 x 8-pin Neutrik Speakon input - 1 x 4-pin Neutrik Speakon thru (for use with 8-pin Input)
Enclosure materials & finish: 18 mm 13-ply Baltic birch plywood finished in acrylic polyurethane paint, black or white
Mounting provisions: This unit is not designed for over head suspension.
Frequency Response - This measurement is useful in determining how accurately a given unit reproduces an input signal. The frequency response of the Versarray 218 Sub is measured at a distance of 1-meter using a 1 watt (into the nominal impedance) swept-sine input signal. As shown in figure 1, the selected drivers in the Versarray 218 Sub combine to give a smooth frequency response on the central axis from 46 Hz to 1.5 kHz.
Power Handling - There are many different approaches to power handling ratings. Peavey rates this loudspeaker system's power handling using the AES Standard 2-1984. Using audio band 40 Hz to 400 Hz pink noise with peaks of four times the RMS level, this strenuous test signal assures the user that every portion of this system can withstand today's high technology music. This rating is contingent upon having a minimum of 3 dB of amplifier headroom available.
Harmonic Distortion - Second and third harmonic distortions vs. frequency are plotted in figures 3 and 4 for two power levels. Ten percent (10%) of rated input power and either one percent (1%) of rated input power or one watt, whichever is greater. Distortion is read from the graph as the difference between the fundamental signal (frequency response) and the desired harmonic. As an example, a distortion curve that is down 40 dB from the fundamental is equivalent to 1% distortion.
Architectural and Engineering Specifications
The loudspeaker system shall have an operating bandwidth of 46 Hz to 1.5 kHz, measured on axis at 1m in an anechoic environment, with +/- 3 dB tolerance. The nominal output level shall be 100 dB when measured at a distance of one meter with an input of one watt. The nominal impedance shall be 4 ohms when both woofers are wired in parallel, and two times 8 ohms when wired for separate powering. The maximum continuous power handling for a single cabinet shall be 2,400 watts, maximum program power of 2,400 watts and a peak power input of at least 4,800 watts, with a minimum amplifier headroom of 3 dB. The cabinet shall have two 4" diameter fixed caster wheels on the rear bottom corner for tilt back rolling transport on flat level surfaces. The outside dimensions shall be 43.38 inches high by 25.06 inches wide by 26.30 inches deep. The weight shall be 204 pounds. The loudspeaker system shall be a Peavey model Versarray 218.


Weight Unpacked: 200.00 lb(90.72 kg)
Weight Packed: 215.00 lb(97.524 kg)
Width Packed: 28.5"(72.39 cm)
Height Packed: 45"(114.3 cm)
Depth Packed: 28.5"(72.39 cm)