Peavey EU™ Passive Speakers

Available in 12" or 15" - Use as monitor or speaker!

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The Peavey EU Speakers have a trapezoidal shape that reduces the build-up of standing waves inside the enclosure, which minimizes midbass and mid-range colorations due to the cabinet!

It is constructed of 13-ply birch plywood and is finished in a durable black HammerHead™ finish. A full-length wrap-around powder-coated perforated metal grille covers the front of the cabinet, providing a very smooth look. One side is multi-angled to allow use as a floor monitor, and a dual angle stand mount adapter is built-in on one end for precision and ease of speaker stand use. Multiple mounting points (top, bottom and sides) with 3/8 X 16 insert points allow maximum utility for flying the cabinet. They are available with either a 12” or 15” woofer.

Additional Information


2-way full range sound reinforcement system
1000 W program, 2000 W peak
Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology
Asymmetrical horn aims the sound down 10°, at the audience, not over their heads.
Monitor use with angled side/rear panel (monitor use rubber feet provided)
12" or 15” Scorpion® Neo dual voice coil woofer
Full range inputs are two 4-pin twist lock connectors, and one switching Neutrik® Speakon® bi-amp jack
Trapezoidal birch plywood enclosure
Durable HammerHead™ polyurethane finish
Dual angle stand mount adapter
Top, bottom and side flying point insert groups
RX™ 22 compression driver with ferrofluid cooling
Made in the U.S.A.
Sound Guard™ III tweeter protection

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in anechoic environment: 89 Hz – 18 kHz (±3 dB)
Usable Low Frequency limit (-10 dB point anechoic): 48 Hz
Power Handling: Full Range: 500W continuous - 1000W program - 2000W peak
Low Frequency Section: 450W continuous - 900W program - 1,800W peak
High Frequency Section: 60W continuous - 120W program - 240W peak
Sound Pressure Level, 1 Watt, 1 meter in anechoic environment:  Full Range: 97 dB SPL, (2.83V input)
Low Frequency Section: 100 dB SPL, (2.83V input)
High Frequency Section:  110 dB SPL, (2.83V input)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (1 meter): Full Range: 124 dB SPL continuous -  130 dB SPL peak
Low Frequency Section: 126 dB SPL continuous -  132 dB SPL peak
High Frequency Section: 128 dB SPL continuous - 134 dB SPL peak
Radiation Angle measured at -6 dB point of polar response: Nominal: 100° horizontal X 50° vertical
Axis of the vertical main polar lobe is angled down 10°, resulting in the angular pattern with respect to straight ahead being +15, -35° 500 Hz – 1.6 kHz: Horiz. 115° +/- 30° - Vert. 129° +/- 40°
1.6 kHz - 5 kHz: Horiz. 75° +/- 10° - Vert. 72° +/- 15°
5 kHz - 16 kHz: Horiz. 84° +/- 5° - Vert. 53° +/- 10°
Directivity Factor, Q (Mean): 8.0 +/- 5.3
Directivity Index, Di (Mean): 8.6 dB +/- 3.3 dB
Transducer Complement:
Low Frequency Section: SDC 1244 Neo, Dual Voice Coil Neodymium Magnet Scorpion®
High Frequency Section: 1x .875 in. Exit/51mm Voice Coil RX™22 Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver on an asymmetric Quadratic Throat
Waveguide™ Box Tuning Frequency:
Low Frequency Section: 50 Hz
Harmonic Distortion: 1% rated power
2nd Harmonic: 100 Hz: 0.84% 1 kHz: 0.14%
3rd Harmonic: 100 Hz: 0.42 % 1 kHz: 0.51% 10% rated power
2nd Harmonic: 100 Hz: 1.53% 1 kHz: 0.31%
3rd Harmonic: 100 Hz: 2.56% 1 kHz: 0.91%
Crossover Frequency (internal passive):
Low Frequency - High Frequency: 1.75 kHz
Recommended Active Crossover
Frequency Region and Slope: Low Frequency - High Frequency: 1800 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Note: This is a general purpose setting for analog crossovers, for crossover/processor settings compatible with Peavey digital crossover processors, and many other brands of digital processors

Time Offset:
Low Frequency: 0.37 ms, delay
High Frequency: 0.0 ms
Impedance (Z) in ohms (Ω):
Full Range:
Nominal: 8.0 Ω
Minimum: 5.7 Ω
Low Frequency:
Nominal: 8.0 Ω
Minimum: 5.7 Ω
High Frequency:
Nominal: 8.0 Ω
Minimum: 5.4 Ω
Input Connections: Two 4-pin twist lock connectors in parallel for full range input, and one 4-pin switching Neutrik® Speakon® jack for bi-amp use.
Enclosure Materials & Finish: Thirteen ply 18 mm birch plywood finished in black HammerHead™ polyurethane finish
Full-length wrap-around 16 ga. perforated steel grille with an inner polycloth liner and a black powder coat finish.
Mounting provisions: (10) 3/8”-16 Threaded Mounting Suspension Points (3 top, 2 bottom and 2 each side & 1 at top back)


12” Speakers Dimensions

Weight Packed: 45.00 lb(20.412 kg)
Width Packed: 18.625"(47.3075 cm)
Height Packed: 25.5"(64.77 cm)
Depth Packed: 17.375"(44.1325 cm)

15” Speakers Dimensions

Weight Packed: 57.00 lb(25.855 kg)
Width Packed: 20"(50.8 cm)
Height Packed: 29.25"(74.295 cm)
Depth Packed: 19.875"(50.4825 cm)