Call Answering Service for Churches

New Call Answering Service for Churches!
Call Answering Service for Churches

Anyone involved in the administration of a church knows the obstacles of communicating with your members in a timely manner. Because of this huge responsibility, Churches often rely on volunteers to help. But, staffing at odd hours can be difficult, and the needs/schedules of parishioners don't always follow business hours.

Having a Call Answering Service makes sense for churches!
It is the perfect way to meet the communication needs of your parishioners without paying for hours of dedicated help, or relying on volunteers.

With Office Sense, you can provide parishioners with 24/7 security that someone WILL be there to answer the phone, and talk to- all hours day or night!
Office Sense understands the needs of churches, and will ensure that your parishioners receive needed answers and peace of mind.

Mobile-first business phone system with free desk phones!

How can having Office Sense provide an Answering Service help my church?

  • Message Taking, Call Rerouting, Urgent Calls- Not all calls require urgent action, but some do.Office Sense agents are trained to distinguish between calls that need a simple message taken and calls that require more urgent action. No matter the call, you have the peace of mind that all calls are answered by a live person who will handle the call in a compassionate way, according to your instructions. Plus, Office Sense answering service is 100% bilingual (English/Spanish)- at no additional cost- ensuring that all of your parishioners' needs are understood. Messages will be sent to you free of charge via Email, SMS, Text or Fax.

  • Appointment Scheduling-Whether parishioners need to make arrangements for weddings, funerals or Baptisms, to seek spiritual counsel, or so much more, Office Sense's 24/7 answering service ensures that you will never miss an important call. Agents can schedule appointments for you, giving your parishioners added convenience when contacting your church, day or night!

  • Disasters or Crises- There is no substitute for a human voice in a time of crisis. During these difficult times, when you cannot keep up with call volume, Office Sense can handle your overflow calls. With Office Sense as your trusted partner. you are never alone in providing help and your parishioners know that they are never alone, either.

All Plans Include:
• Simple Upfront Pricing • 100% Bilingual Services (English/ Spanish)

• 24 / 7 / 365 Service
• No Setup Fees

• No Contracts • No Holiday Fees
• Free Local Phone Number

• Free Email Deliver • Free SMS Text Delivery
• Free Fax Delivery

• Free Summary Report • Call Dispatching
• Live Message Relay

• Message Taking

• Call Routing and Transfer
• Urgent Call Answering • Lead Capture  

Choose the Answering Office Sense Answering Plan that best fits your needs:
Office Sense's answering service plans are based on the number of phone calls you receive and the time spent on the phone with your callers. We work with you to make sure you choose the plan that is right for you and your business. No matter which plan you choose, there are no contracts or set-up fees.

Which plan will best fit your needs?
Our recommended way to estimate is to take the number of expected monthly calls and multiply by an average of 1.5 minutes. However, keep in mind that each church is different, and depending on the amount of information captured in the messages, actual time needed may vary. In fact, your usage will be monitored during the first few weeks of service to ensure you have selected the best plan possible. In the event that you need to switch plans, we will work with you to update your account. Don't worry if something occurs and you exceed your normal call volume- your service will not be abruptly discontinued. You will simply be billed the overage amount (Overage charge is determined by your selected plan.)

Once your online sign up is complete, you will select a time for a call with a setup specialist.
During that call, Office Sense will determine the types of calls you expect to receive, and learn how you would like those calls to be addressed. Churches use Office Sense for a number of services- included but not limited to: after hours answering service, virtual receptionist for a small church or overflow calls for a larger one, scheduling and confirming appointments, and more. Think of Office Sense as simply an extension of your church- speaking to every parishioner based on your specific needs and instructions. Most accounts are fully set-up within 2 hours of your call- and then Office Sense can begin receiving your calls, following your specific, individual instructions.

How does Office Sense work?
Office Sense software recognizes your account phone number and brings up your account details each and every call. Simply forward your calls to Office Sense (at your discretion, or at scheduled times) and every call is handled according to your expectations.Office Sense also strives to answer all calls within 2 rings! Calls can even be patched back to your church in cases of extreme urgency (Extra charges apply)

Church Starter Package

Church Assistant Package

Church Executive Package

Call Answering Service for Churches