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Johnny and Juanita Berguson
International human rights attorney Joel Thornton, who previously worked with Jay Sekulow as Senior Counsel and Chief of Staff at the American Center for Law and Justice with Kingdom founders Johnny and Juanita Berguson. Mr. Thornton presented at both the History Makers Training in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Dear Friends,

Pastors, churches, and Christians everywhere are recognizing that within the Kingdom of God can be found the solution to all the needs of man. Christians are learning new skills to take those solutions to their communities through programs such as History Makers Training.

They are recognizing that the Kingdom of God is meant to go beyond the four walls of the church, providing principles and solutions to every place our lives touch the world around us. This sowing means a reaping of people who come into the Kingdom through the knowledge of our King!

My wife, Juanita and I have taken History Makers Training twice - it changed our lives! We have seen ourselves and others being equipped to be more effective than we had dreamed possible. Pastor Kevin Bernat and his wife Joanne from New Life Assembly in New Jersey attended one of the trainings held in the Life Center, which is in our Kingdom Building in Mansfield, PA.

Afterwards, Pastor Kevin said that he could not possibly bring as many people from his congregation as he would want to experience the training that he had experienced here. He arranged for Pastor Derek Schneider to do skill building through this intensive training with his church. Even the early results have been spectacular. Nearly 50 people discovered their passion and prepared plans to have a Kingdom impact in all sectors of their community. They are working on these plans now. You and your key leaders can experience the results of this training, too.

On March 10, 11, 12 -  You can experience the life changing and church changing History Makers Training. It runs all day Thursday, Friday evening at 7 PM to Saturday at 9-4 PM. Learn how you and your church can extend the Kingdom of God to every area of society. Training takes place in Mansfield, PA in the Life Center portion of our Kingdom building and are FREE of Charge (sponsored by

This training has been proven!
If you are interested, this is important enough that I want to give you my personal cell phone number (570) 419-8570. I would love to answer your questions or tell you more about this. Or call Dr. David Knauss at Kingdom toll free at 800-788-1122 ext. 2541. Or, email, if you prefer.

Hope to see you at what most Christian leaders are calling the best training they have ever received!

Warmest regards,

Kingdom Accounting Services
Johnny Berguson, Kingdom Founder & President

Kevin Bernat
I have taken training from many famous and well known speakers, authors, and trainers. History Makers Training is definitely the best I have ever taken. Once I had taken this training, I knew my people needed it, too!
- Pastor Kevin Bernat, NJ

Johnny Berguson
These things are the keys to taking the Kingdom of God beyond the 4 walls of the church. It is the best and most practical training I have ever taken.
- Johnny Berguson. Kingdom Founder & President

History Makers Training
Mansfield, PA
February OR March 2016!

You'll learn:
• How to be more effective in every aspect of life.
• How to grow your ministry through your people.
• How to prevent your good ideas from dying on the vine.
• How to laser focus on the purpose God created you for.
Call today for more information or to register.
History Makers Training
Juanita and I at History Makers Training.

Pastor Derek Schneider
Pastor Derek Schneider presenting a session of the empowering
History Makers Training.