Fresnel Spotlamp - 6 Inch

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Fresnel Spotlamp - 6 Inch

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This Theatre-Style Fresnel Spotlamp - 6 Inch is perfect for your sanctuary!
A fresnel is known industry-wide as a great back or fill light. It is crucial for setting up 3-point lighting in your church. Fresnel Spotlamp - 6 Inch produces a wide, soft-edged beam of light through a unique curvature of the lens, helping to eliminate shadows.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kingdom
Technical Specifications N/A
Dimensions N/A
Features "ò  High intensity spot with a smooth, even flood field
ò  Lightweight, rugged aluminum construction
ò  Superior ventilation system guarantees cooler unit operation with extended lamp and gel life
ò  All operating controls thermally insulated for cool handling operations
ò Torlon insulators provide smooth focusing operation
ò  CSA Certified UL Listed


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