Chrysalis featuring the Blood Moon - CD

International prophetic harp instructor, Michael-David invites you to experience Chrysalis – a CD about transformation.

Free Song! Recorded in Israel during the last of 4 “Blood Moons” in September 2015, this theme captures the significance of this “sign in the heavens” as prophecied in Joel 2.

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Experience a musical and spiritual journey of encouragement as you travel the road that leads to deeper life!

Watch the Music Video of the Blood Moon theme here!

A Chrysalis is defined as  "the golden protective casing of a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis to a butterfly". Chrysalis is a CD about transformation. It is a musical and spiritual journey encouraging those traveling the road that leads to deeper life. Music featured on this CD reflects the mystical understanding that despite our current appearance "it does not yet appear what we shall be" (1 John 3:2).

 Just before heading out to Israel with a team of his harp students to do a concert tour around the time of the fourth Blood Moon, the Lord gave Michael-David a special song based on Joel 2. A music video for this "Blood Moon" theme was filmed live in Jerusalem and footage of the harp team was recorded during the actual total eclipse of the moon. The sudio portion is on the Chrysalis CD as a bonus song.

 The music of Chrysalis highlights the sound of the Harpella (electric harp) and live musicians that are simultaneously energetic and etherial. You’ll enjoy the eclectic mix of music inspired by both the contemporary heart of Jerusalem as well as the spiritually driven poetry of 17th Century mystic Madame Guyon.

This CD features the new worship instrument The Harpella, an electric harp that Michael-David invented.
The Harpella changes keys instantly and has built-in features that making learning to play the harp easy. Michael-David  (international harpist, composer/producer) along with his wife Zsiporah (author/singer) minister out of a calling to restore the harp as a tool of worship and intercession in the endtimes restoration of the Tabernacle of David. 

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1. Here I Am - Psalm 19 (5min 28sec) -Click to hear a sample
Based on Psalm 19, Michael-David wrote the chorus for this song in Canada before leaving for Israel and the Jerusalem School of the Prophetic Harp, but the verses were given to Zsiporah during the night hours while she slept at the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations on top of the Mt. of Olives.

2. Lift Up Your Heads - Psalm 24 (3min 25sec) - Click to hear a sample
In the spirit of King David, who wrote many Psalms and sometimes accompanied them to 'popular' songs of his day, like "Dawn of the Deer" or "By the Lillies"....this adaptation 'borrows' some popular music by the group "Coldplay" as accompaniment for this Psalm of King David.

3. Hine Ma Tov - Psalm 133 - Behold How Good (4min 27sec) - Click to hear a sample
This is a new take on a traditional Hebrew favorite! "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together - in unity! For there the Lord has commanded the blessing - even life evermore!"

4. One Thing - Psalm 27 (3min 15sec) - Click to hear a sample
Every time Zsiporah sings this Psalm she is praying for the Israel Defence Force the IDF... "Tho' an army shall encamp against me, my heart shall not fear tho' war may rise against me..."

5. I Hear Your Music on the Wind (4min 16sec) - Click to hear a sample
A special song...the lyrics were sent as a birthday gift from Michael-David's twin sister, Louise Moon and Michael-David had already written the music earlier that week and when the lyrics arrived it was a perfect fit. Thank you, Louise.  

The Poetry of Madame Jeanne Guyon 1648-1717...The lyrics of the next three songs are the original poems written by Madame Jeanne Guyon, known as a Mystic and deep lover of God,while imprisoned in the Bastille prison of France, for her faith. Translated from the French in the mid 1800's, the archaic language has been retained as it captures the depth of her heart. The music came to Zsiporah in the night hours on the West Coast of Canada almost 25 years ago and have laid as buried treasure all these years until 'such a time as this....'

6. Prisons (5min 16sec) - Click to hear a sample
Can you hear the gallop of the horses’ hoofbeats as the carriage transports Madame Guyon in the dark of the night to her imprisonment in the Bastille....

7. The Unloved Lover (3min 27sec) - Click to hear a sample
Sit at a cafe on the Rive Gauche in Paris at a table with Madame Guyon, as she watches the people, century after century walking by, heedless of God calling out to them.

8. O Night (5min 2sec) - Click to hear a sample
Madame Guyon, calling out to the Night, the Moon, the Stars and ultimately to God to hear her cry...'Lost in this wilderness of woe...'yet like King David, she turns from her grief declaring that tho' she is physically in prison..." how calm amid the night my Perfect is the Peace I find..."

9. Chrysalis (3min 4sec) - Click to hear a sample
When Michael-David returned from Israel, his experience at the Garden Tomb, one of his favorite places, impacted him deeply. A childhood memory surfaced of a caterpillar he had caught and bottled . The thrill of the Resurrection morning transformation after watching little insect encased in its hard shell appearing to be dead all winter. From the chrysalis emerged a brilliant Yellow Swallowtail butterfly! How like the story of our sojourn on this earth. This song features the Harpella and Michael's voice and is dedicated to his mother.

10. Blood Moon (4 min 47sec) - Click to watch the video
Recorded in Israel during the last of 4 “Blood Moons” in September 2015, this theme captures the significance of this “sign in the heavens” as prophecied in Joel 2. Featured on the recording is a team of Michael-David’s harp students who had attended his School of the Prophetic Harp.



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