Combo- The Feast of the Ages & Harp & Bowl

Combo- The Feast of the Ages & Harp & Bowl - Come with us on a Prophetic, Messianic musical journey that unveils the mystery of Israel!
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In these end-times, the nation of Israel is on the heart of every true believer...

The mystery of Israel is put on the world-stage in current events and only those who understand Bible prophecy can begin to understand what is taking placed before our eyes. The Psalmist said in Psm 49:4 (NKJV) ôI will disclose my dark saying on the harp.ö So, as a prophetic harpist, the Holy Spirit has often called me to impart revelation on the theme of the mystery of the Bride of Messiah, both Jew and Gentile û His called out ones. In my instrumental harp æsoakingÆ CD, ôA Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowlö, there is a strong connection with the Land of Israel and what God is orchestrating there.

In the DVD ôThe Feast of the Agesö my wife Zsiporah, (who is a Jewish believer in Yeshua the Messiah, and also wrote, sings and provides narration for this production) and I bring the revelation given to us from over 20 years of celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. With colorful costumes and epic anthems we tell the musical tale of GodÆs passion for His people Israel and His plan of redemption for His Bride - the great mystery of the ages (as the lyrics from the opening theme echoes) ô...Here is a mystery, a most amazing thing, these gentiles and Israel will be married to their King!ö

As people have fallen in love with the music from this musical, recorded in front of a live audience, they have asked to have the music on CD to listen to. That is why we have included a free CD of the songs making this a two disk set, a DVD and a CD!
See the mystery of Israel unveiled in this prophetic DVD with a Free CD of the songs! The Feast of the Ages is a rich spiritual feast that all æagesÆ will enjoy and learn from."

CD tracks:
1. Come Celebrate  3:26
2. Father of the Faithful  3:32
3. Come Celebrate (reprise)  3:55
4. Mayim  1:24
5. Oh Seh Shalom  3:27
6. Ma Na Vu  1:52
7. Come Celebrate (dance) 1:57
8. Herodias and Salome's Song  2:14
9. Father, Call Your Children  3:30
10. Come My Bride  5:10
11. Here Comes the Bride  2:37
12. He Comes in the Clouds  2:21
13. BONUS TRACK - One step closer to Zion   3:35

A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl was created to usher you into the Throne Room of God, where the 24 elders with harps receive the prayers of the saints in golden bowls as incense (Rev 5:8).

This CD was birthed during hours of worshiping in the presence of the Lord. With the lyrical strains of the solo harp, weaving intricate, lush, layered harmonies, you will experience a foreshadowing of the sounds of heaven. Passionate and spontaneous melodies portray prophetic themes that reflect lyrics straight from the Word of God (included on the insert).

This music is well suited for your own times of personal devotions, for use during times of prayer and altar calls, and special moments that call for healing and deliverance.

You will be blessed by my international students from the Jerusalem School of the Prophetic Harp who are featured on tracks 5, 6 and 9, where 14 harpists worshiped on the Mount of Olives for 30 days (pictured above). This recording took place at the Jerusalem House Of Prayer For All Nations where there has been 24/7 intercession and worship for over 24 years (consequently, it was a highly supernatural time of worship).

Psalmist and inventor of the HarpellaÖ, Michael David is working together with Kingdom founders Johnny and Juanita Berguson to introduce the HarpellaÖ as a new instrument for worship. Click here to learn more!

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Features "DVD total running time 87 min. Free CD has 12 tracks and includes a BONUS TRACK (13th track) a song called ""One Step Closer to Zion""

Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl CD Features

Note from Michael-David: this album is entirely original music and was created during intense times of worship. This instrumental harp CD has no singing, however

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