Bogen Ceiling Speaker - 4 Watts

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Bogen Ceiling Speaker - 4 Watts

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Bogen Ceiling Speaker - 4 Watts - Now it takes less than a minute to put sound anywhere you want!
Each one is ready to go right out of the box--no tools required. All you do is pierce the speaker's two long posts through a ceiling tile, secure them with included hardware, and connect your speaker wire right to the posts. No cleanup required. Enclosure design combines direct and reflected sound for clear, wide dispersion of sound. Smoother sound without whistling! A large rubber O-ring seals in the base tightly sets the Bogen Ceiling Speaker - 4 Watts against the tile surface, to prevent frequency peak whistling.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bogen
Technical Specifications Power Rating (max.): 4W
Selectable Power Taps: 4 2 1 1/2 1/4 (rotary switch selectable)
Constant Voltage Amp Type: 25V/70V
Frequency Response: 125 Hz-15 kHz
Sensitivity (min.) (1-watt @ 1 meter on axis): 90 dBspl
Dispersion (min.): 120¦
Controls: Volume Control; Tap Selector Switch
Product Weight: 2 lb.
Shipping Weight: 3 lb.
Diameter: 9-1/2
Height: 3
Base Diameter (against ceiling): 8-3/4
Construction: ABS Plastic
Flame Rating: 94-5VA
Dimensions N/A
Features Installs in less than a minute
Compatible with both 70V and 25V systems
High intelligibility and efficiency
Direct and reflected sound paths create wide dispersion angle
Lightweight and durable plastic shell with a paintable finish
Simple three-step installation process
No tool(s) installation
Color-coded mounting studs identify polarity to make the electrical connection easier (no external wires)
High-quality wire-wound volume control on outside of speaker for easy access
Can be installed in any drop ceiling with standard ceiling tiles
Surface-mounting design eliminates need to cut ceiling tile no mess installation
Contemporary design blends/matches any decor
SM4T has switch selectable multiple taps for controlling output level (taps - 4 2 1 1/2 1/4 watts)
O-ring seal holds speaker tight to ceiling surface eliminating whistling and ensures smoother sound without peaks
Textured studs easily pierce ceiling tile and secure wire nut connections
Wide-bottom easy-to-handle mounting wing nuts provide secure speaker mounting
All necessary mounting hardware included
Complies with NFPA National Code 160band UL-2043