Behringer Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer DJX750

This is the Behringer DJX750, a professional low noise DJ mixer with a stylish look.

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Behringer Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer DJX750

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This is the Behringer DJX750, a professional low noise DJ mixer with a stylish look. 

It comes loaded with features so that you can be the best DJ around at your next gig.  It has an intelligent dual auto BPM counter with time and beat sync so that your tracks can line up effortlessly.  This mixer also comes armed with a state-of-the-art digital effects processor with advanced parameter control.  You get 5 channels on this console with an XLR input for your vocals and you can cut through the mix using the fine tuning 3-band EQ.  These channels are capable of handling virtually any source whether it be CD Players, tape decks, MP3 players, line input, and phono.  You can also use the talkover function to speak through the microphone and this system will automatically detect that you want to talk and turn the music down so your voice is above the music, allowing you to be easily heard. As with all Behringer products, the DJX750 was made with high quality components and rugged construction ensuring a long life.


This product comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. For an extra 2 year warranty at no additional cost you must go online within 90 days of the invoice date and register the product at this link.

Additional Information

SKU BE1109
Manufacturer Behringer
Choose your Full-Color Design No
Features No
Technical Specifications

Channels  4 + mic
Analog Inputs  3 x stereo RCA line, 3 x stereo RCA phono, 2 x stereo RCA CD, 1 x XLR mic
Analog Outputs  3 x stereo RCA
Digital Inputs  No digital I/O
Digital Outputs  No digital I/O
Headphones  1 x 1/4"
Other I/O  1 x effects loop on stereo RCA
Faders  5 x 45mm throw
Crossfader  Replaceable crossfader with full crossover adjustment
EQs  3-band with -32dB kills at crossfader
Effects  33 x digital effects including (Phase Shifters, Flangers, Reverbs, Delay, etc.), XPQ stereo surround effects, and dual BPM count
Audio Interface  No audio interface
MIDI Control  No MIDI control
Playback Built-in  No built-in playback
Rackmountable  Not rackmountable
Width  12.05"
Depth  14.6"
Height  4.1"
Weight  8.5 lbs.



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