Behringer Miniamp AMP800

Power 8 Headphones at Once!

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If you need to distribute sound to more than one musician at a time, then take a look at the Behringer Miniamp AMP800 Headphone Amp. 

It gives you the ability to route a signal to 4 different channels each with it's own control.  This Miniamp has the ability to power 8 headphones at once so everyone can get their own set of headphones. Each channel has a 6-section LED output meter so you can keep track of the signal levels going out.  Using 1/4" outputs, you can use virtually any set of headphones and get crystal clear sound.  This design and structure was conceived by Behringer Germany made with high quality components and a rugged casing so your Miniamp is sure to have a long life. Thanks to the Behringer Miniamp AMP800, your monitor distribution needs will be taken care of.


This product comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. For an extra 2 year warranty at no additional cost you must go online within 90 days of the invoice date and register the product at this link.

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SKU BE1016
Availability On Back Order
Manufacturer Behringer

Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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