Behringer CX3400 Stereo Crossover

This is a simple and affordable solution for expanding your system!

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Behringer CX3400 Stereo Crossover

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When you're looking to add some subwoofers to your system, you need to get a crossover to keep your low frequencies for the sub woofers separate from your high frequencies. 

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Thus, the Super-X Pro CX3400 crossover is a great solution.  This stereo 2-way/3-way/ 4-way mono crossover features absolutely flat summed amplitude response and zero phase difference to ensure your sound stays at its best.  Additionally, all bands have an individual gain output so you can adjust your levels.  Using the independant phase reverse switches, you can instantly correct phases if they are off.  It's important to protect your speakers from overload which is why there is a switchable 25Hz Low cut filter on each input.  All the input and outputs are equipped with servo balanced gold plated XLR connectors to provide the highest signal integrity.  This is a simple and affordable solution for expanding your system with some extra low end and thanks to high quality components paired with rugged construction, your CX3400 is sure to live a long life.


This product comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. For an extra 2 year warranty at no additional cost you must go online within 90 days of the invoice date and register the product at this link.

Additional Information

SKU BE1292
Manufacturer Behringer
MPN CX3400
Choose your Full-Color Design No
Features No
Technical Specifications

Number of Channels  2
Modes  2-way or 3-way stereo, or 4-way mono
Filter Types  Linkwitz-Riley
Filters  24 dB/Octave
Crossover Frequencies - Stereo  Variable
Crossover Frequencies - Mono  Variable
Inputs  2 x XLR
Outputs  6 x XLR (2 x low, 2 x mid, 2 x high)
Rack Spaces  1U
Height  1.75"
Depth  8.5"
Width  19"
Weight  5.51 lbs.



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