Vocopro KC-300PRO Digital Key Controller

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Vocopro KC-300PRO Digital Key Controller allows you to sing your recorded music in any key without changing the tempo or remove vocals from most cds!
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This studio quality digital key controller allows you to remove vocals from most cds, while also allowing you to raise or lower the natural musical key 17 steps for a total of up to 2 full octaves.

Vocopro has captured every feature you could want in a digital key controller at a more than affordable price. Along with the 17 step key changer you are getting state of the art Vocal Cancel and Vocal Elimination features. Vocal Cancel is a feature that removes vocals from multiplex (split track) CD tracks. Multiplexed discs have vocals coded to the right channel only and the music coded to the left channel. When Vocal Cancel is selected the right(vocal) track is removed and the left(music) track is directed to both sides.

The Vocal Elimination feature removes vocals from standard non-multiplex CD tracks. The unit will scan the disc and cancels out any vocals that appear on both the left and right channels. As a result you are able to remove vocals from standard CD's Most currently recorded CD's contain vocals on both tracks, however some may not depending on how they were recorded. This can lead to varying results using the "Vocal Eliminator". This unit also includes a sonic enhancer. You can use this to dramatically improve the quality of your audio. Using the sonic enhancer allows you to adjust and dial in the dynamics for your high and low end sound. Adding the unit to your sound system today is only going to improve your overall sound system experience.

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Availability Ready to Ship
MPN KC-300
Technical Specifications Input Sensitivity/Impedence - 200mV/22k Ohm (balance/unbalanced)

Maximum Output - AC 10 Vrms/220 Ohm (balanced/unbalanced)

Maximum Response Range (ALL) - >17dB

S/N Ratio (Effects Off) - >95dB (muting OFF) AV1/AV2/AUX

Key Control S/N Ratio (Effect OFF) - >80 dB

Vocal Eliminator Center Frequency - 1300Hz

Effect Center Frequency - Low 80 Hz +8dB (max) High 12 KHz +8dB (max)

Key Control System - Variable (IN-SIDE Key Control Auto-Reset switch select)

Key Control Range - +/- 8 Key (each step 75 cents)

Key Reset Time - 3 second (Audio Detect L+R)

Volume Muting - >95dB

Dimensions - 19"(W) x 1.75"(H) x 13"(D)

Net Weight - 22 lbs (Including box)

Power Voltage Requirement - 120v (Fuse 2A)/240v (Fuse 1A) Variable

Power Consumption - 18W

Remote Control - 2 AA batteries

Accessories - Remote Control and Instruction manual
Dimensions N/A
Features "Features

ò 17 step DSP key controller
ò Vocal cancel removes vocals from multiplex cd's
ò Vocal reducer to eliminate vocals from standard cd/cd+g (depending on how they were recorded, results can vary with this feature)
ò Optimize low and high frequencies with sonic enhancer
ò Switchable from 115v-230v
ò Remote control
ò Rack mountable (rack ears included)
ò Slim single rack space design
ò Bright, easy to read LED display
ò Inputs : Audio (2 RCA, 1 XLR) Video (2 RCA)
ò Outputs : Audio (1 RCA, 1 XLR) Video (2 RCA)

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