USB Automation Controller

You can even create your own custom key mappings!

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When you're recording, DAW's are great but sometimes trying to use their controls can be a hassle which is why PreSonus created the FaderPort USB DAW controller.

Using a mouse to control automation, fades, and trasport is a drag and using a slider is much easier.  With the FaderPort, you no longer have to use a mouse to control your DAW.  There are controls for solo, record-enable, window selection, play, stop, and record making your experience quick and easy.  And don't worry about what kind of DAW you're using because the FaderPort is compatible with virtually all DAW software.  It comes equipped with a 1,024-step resolution and dual-servo drive belt motor, it will have a smooth response and when it comes to anybody in the music industry, we know that feel is important.  It even gives you the option to plug in a footswitch so you can manage markers.  It's time to stop using a mouse as a third party and get back in touch with your music, back in full control of your music, and it isn't going to cost you arm and a leg to get it.

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SKU PS1018
Availability Ready to Ship
Manufacturer Presonus
Technical Specifications

Intended Use  Audio Mixer
Number of Faders  1
Fader Throw  100mm
Fader Type  Motorized
Number of Knobs  1
Knob Type  Rotary encoder
Number of Performance Pads  No performance pads
Performance Pad Types  No performance pads
Number of Soft Keys  24 dedicated soft keys
Other Controls  No other controls
Transport Controls  Yes
Audio Inputs  No audio inputs
Audio Outputs  No audio outputs
Computer Connectivity  USB
Control I/O  Footswitch input
Height  1.75"
Depth  7"
Width  5.25"
Weight  1 lbs.



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