LRS Nursery Paging System w/ 10 Pagers and Charging Station

LRS nursery paging system Operation is simple and silent, so it won't disrupt your event

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LRS nursery paging system with 10 pagers and charging station!

The parents simply drop their child off at your church nursery and take a pager which they place in their pocket or clip to their belt which allows nursery attendants to easily contact the parents with a silent vibration. It also doubles as a security solution - No child is released to a parent without the assigned nursery pager being returned providing peace of mind to the parent. When not in use, simply place the pagers in the charger. Transmitters can send out an "Auto Locate" page to find any lost pagers within the building. There is also a reminder tone to let parents know if they have taken the pager out of the church accidentally. Package consists of one transmitter and 10 receivers (pagers) plus charging station. Lifetime warranty on receiver batteries. Made in the USA!

More Information
Availability Ready to Ship
Manufacturer LRS
Technical Specifications






1, 2 or 3 vibrations provides multiple messaging capability
Handles up to 999 pagers
Range test mode
Operates on battery or 110V / 220V
Built-in battery check
Overall size: 3" x 8" (without antenna)
UHF frequency (420 - 470 MHz)



Reprogrammable feature allows you to program its pager number on site.
4 messaging LED's
UHF frequency (420-470 MHz)
Shock-resistant casing
"Super Strong" Vibration
Longest possible range
Vibration, beep, or vibe/beep alert modes
Cradle holder prevents broken pager clips
Nickel metal hydride batteries (no battery memory)
Overall size: 3" x 2.25"

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