Lexicon Multi Effects Processor

Two Units, One Rack Space!

Availability: Will arrive in 7-10 Business Days

The Lexicon Multi Effects processor is a reverb and effects processor in one unit!

Perfect for use in recording or live performance the Lexicon multi effects processor gives you the features and processing power to make great recordings and live performances! It includes several reverbs, delays, and effects (see list below); plus it includes a compressor and de-esser!

Reverbs Included:                                      Delays Included:                                    Effects Included:

Small Hall                                                    Studio Delay                                           Chorus

Large Hall                                                    Digital Delay                                            Flanger  

Small Plate                                                  Tape Delay                                              Phaser

Large Plate                                                  Pong Delay                                                             Tremolo / Pan

Room                                                          Mod Delay                                                              Rotary

Chamber                                                      Reverse Delay                                                      Vibrato

Gated                                                                                                                        Pitch Shift

Reverse                                                                                                                     Detune

Vocal Hall

Vocal Plate

Drum Hall

Drum Plate





More Information
Availability Will arrive in 7-10 Business Days
Manufacturer Lexicon

16 legendary Lexicon® reverbs

Lexicon delays & modulation effects

dbx® Dynamics

Dual-Procesor design

4 Routing Configurations

99 Factory/99 User Programs

USB "Hardware Plug-In" Feature

VST® and Audio Units Plug-In Software

S/PDIF Digital Input/Output

24 bit, 48 kHz Sample Rate

Technical Specifications

Audio Inputs: (2) 1/4" TRS balanced or unbalanced

Input Impedance: 20k Ohms balanced, 10k Ohms unbalanced

Input Level: +4 dBu Nominal, +20 dBu Maximum

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ref. 1 kHz ±1 dB

THD+N: ,.007% 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Audio Outputs: (2) 1/4" TRS balanced or unbalanced

Output Level: +20 dBu Maximum

Dynamic Range: >107 dB A-weighted

A/D Converters: 24-bit, 48 kHz

Power: 9V AC (power supply included)

Audio Processor: 24-bit

Software: WinXP/Mac OSX VST GUI Interface

Crosstalk: >80 dB

Size: 1 RU



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