Desktop Studio Control Center with SPDIF input

The PreSonus StudioLive AI Mixer iPad Stand allows you to mount your iPad on your StudioLive Mixing board and help you gain total control over your sound system.

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Using the PreSonus Desktop Monitor Station V2, you can easily manage multiple signal sources, monitor speakers, headphones, and even talk back to your musicians. 

So let's go over your options for inputs.  First, this station has 2 stereo pairs of 1/4" TRS inputs as well as a stereo pair of RCA inputs.  For your digital purposes, PreSonus also included an S/PDIF coaxial input.  This means you can have your interface, a CD player, and a third party signal source all plugged into this one convenient control center and manage which source plays when and how loud it is.  There are also several different kinds of outputs on this so you can send your signals to virtually anywhere in your studio.  You have access to 3 stereo pairs of 1/4" TRS speaker outputs with level controls.  On top of that, there's a stereo pair of 1/4" TRS outputs for a main mix.  It doesn't stop there though, you can also use the stereo pair of 1/4" cue outputs and to top it all off, there are four individual 1/4" heaphone outputs each with their own volume control.  When you need to communicate with musicians, just the Talk button and the built in condenser microphone that PreSonus included.  With this handy little control center, you can manage several inputs and outputs, you can communicate with your musicians and allow them to hear virtually anything they need to hear.  The PreSonus Desktop Monitor Station V2 allows you to take complete control over your studio and make the best out of everything.

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SKU PS1023
Availability Ready to Ship
Manufacturer Presonus
Technical Specifications

Number of Input Channels  4
Number of Output Channels  4
Analog Inputs  2 x TRS, 1 x RCA
Analog Outputs  6 x TRS (Speaker), 2 x TRS (Main), 2 x TRS (Cue)
Digital Inputs  1 x S/PDIF
Headphones  4 x 1/4"
Talkback  Yes
Form  Desktop
Height  2.5"
Depth  8.5"
Width  9"
Weight  6 lbs.



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