Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB

Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB has the capability to handle any venue!

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Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB is well equipped for mixing, recording and creating!

The mixer features seven Onyx microphone preamps allowing up to 60db and very low handling noise. The preamps are great for microphones that can handle high-gain. The audio interface is 24-bit/ 192kHz for great quality recordings. The single-knob compression is for easy control of input levels. It comes with GigFX Effects Engine with 24 different FX options to always get the sound your looking for.

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Availability Available For Order
Manufacturer Mackie
  • Seven Onyx microphone preamps allowing up to 60db

  • Audio interface is 24-bit/ 192kHz

  • GigFX Effects Engine with 24 different FX

  • Single-Knob Compression

Technical Specifications

Equivalent Input Noise

150-Ohm Source Impedance, 20 Hz to 20 kHz: Mic In to Insert Send Out, Max Gain -126 dBu

Residual Output Noise

All Outputs, Master Levels Off, All Channel Levels Off: -95 dBu

All Outputs, Master Levels Unity, One Channel Level Unity: -80 dBu

Frequency Response

Mic Input to Any Output (Gain at Unity, +0 dB / -1 dB): 20 Hz to 30 kHz


22 Hz to 80 kHz Bandwidth: Mic In to Main Out (+4 dBu Output): <0.03%

Attenuation and Crosstalk

 Adjacent Inputs at 1 kHz: -90 dB

Inputs to Outputs at 1 kHz: -80 dB

Fader Off at 1 kHz: -75 dB

Mute Switch / Break Switch Mute at 1 kHz: -90 dB 

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

Mic In to Main Out, Max Gain, 1 kHz: 70 dB

Maximum Level

All Inputs: +22 dB

Main Out XLR: +28 dBu

All other Outputs: +22 dBu 


Mic In: 3.3 Kilohms

Channel Insert Return: 10 Kilohms

All Other Inputs: ≥20 Kilohms

Phones Output: 25 Ohms

All Other Outputs: 120 Ohms

Unbalanced, 240 Ohms Balanced


Low ±15 dB at 80 Hz

Mid ±15 dB at 2.5 kHz

High ±15 dB at 12 kHz

Low Cut Filter 18 dB/octave at 100 Hz

Maximum Voltage Gain

Mic Input Channel to: 

 Insert Output: 60 dB

1/4" Main Output: 80 dB

XLR Main Output: 86 dB

1/4" Sub Output: 80 dB

Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 80 dB

FX Send: 90 dB

USB Output: 70 dB

Mono Line Input Channel to:

Insert Output: 40 dB

1/4" Main Output: 60 dB

XLR Main Output: 66 dB

1/4" Sub Output: 60 dB

Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 60 dB

FX Send: 70 dB

USB Output: 50 dB

Stereo Line Input Channel to:

1/4" Main Output: 20 dB

XLR Main Output: 26 dB

1/4" Sub Output: 20 dB

Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 20 dB

FX Send: 30 dBUSB Output: 10 dB

3.5mm Input to:

1/4" Main Output: 40 dB

XLR Main Output: 46 dB

1/4" Sub Output: 40 dB

Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 40 dB

FX Send: 50 dB

USB Output: 30 dB

USB Input to XLR Main Output: 46 dB

Digital Effects

Number of Presets: 24


Format: USB 2.0

I/O: 1 Stereo Input, 2 Stereo

Outputs A/D/A: 24-Bit / 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz

Phantom Power

48 VDC to All Mic Channels Simultaneously


Universal AC Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 30W


Height: 3.9"

Width: 13.0"

Diameter: 14.8"

Weight: 7.9 lbs

Package Weight: 11.3 lbs

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