ART HQ-231 Graphic Equalizer - 31 Band

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ART HQ-231 Graphic Equalizer - 31 Band

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ART HQ-231 Graphic Equalizer - 31 Band - Great sounding EQ actually shows you every "sweet" and "hot" spot in your sound!

No more straining to hear, or guessing at frequencies - better EQ at a glance.
As sound reaches this EQ, tiny LEDs on each frequency band begin to glow. The "hotter" the signal, the brighter the LED shines. The effect during full-range music is mesmerizing, but what matters is how it helps you get better sound...

Feedback (signal thatÆs too hot) is instantly visible - you know exactly where to adjust to stop it. Use it on a voice or instrument (or one in each channel), and see the "sweet spot" frequencies at a glance!

Great for sources or full mix, this EQ is no crutch - itÆs a professional trainer!
Send it a single input - vocal mic, instrument - and watch the fast-tracking LEDs move with the sound as it rises and falls. Use high and low pass filters to reduce unwanted background clutter, hiss and rumble.

ART HQ-231 Graphic Equalizer - 31 Band connect in and out with XLR, TRS 1/4" or RCA cables. Switch power from 110v to 220v for use around the world.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ART
MPN HQ-231
Technical Specifications N/A
Dimensions N/A
Features FDC™ Feedback Detection Circuitry
Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
Output Level VU Metering on Each Channel
Constant-Q Filtering
Individual High and Low Pass Filters on Each Channel
Center-Detented Frequency Band Sliders
Independent Level and Bypass Controls on Each Channel
Relay Bypass -- If Power is Lost Signal Will Still Pass
Occupies 2 Rack Spaces
Variable Input Controls
Signal Clip Level Indicators
Ground Lift Switch
Internal Power Supply
Selectable Line Voltage