120V/575W replacement bulb for SPOT1000

120V/575W halogen replacement bulb ZB-HX600 for American DJ FS-1000/SYS
This replacement lamp with a GY 9.5 socket is made for Opti-Par, FS1000, and other American DJ fixtures.
Availability: Ready to Ship
120V/575W replacement bulb for SPOT1000 is a halogen replacement bulb ZB-HX600 fits the American DJ FS-1000/SYS.
IMPORTANT Halogen lamps are highly susceptible to damage if improperly handled. Never touched the lamp with bare fingers as the oil from your hands can shorten bulb life. Also, never move fixture until lamp has had ample time to cool. Lamps are not covered under any warranty conditions. Please don't forget to unplug your spotlight unit prior to replacing your 120V/575W replacement bulb for SPOT1000.
More Information
Availability Ready to Ship
Manufacturer American DJ
Technical Specifications GY 9.5 socket
Fits Opti Par FS1000 and other American DJ fixtures
Dimensions N/A
Features Approximately 300 hours of use
Produces light as bright as a regular 1000W bulb
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