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Teac P-55 High-Resolution Thermal Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer

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Teac P-55 High-Resolution Thermal Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer

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Teac P-55 High-Resolution Thermal Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer will produce photo-lab quality printing directly on your DVDs or CDs!
Teac's P-55 thermal printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, high quality CD/DVD media printing, producing professional photo quality images that are truly unmatched. Its photo-realistic mode looks like the cover of National Geographic! Dye-sublimation printing lets you print photo-lab quality on your discs. Unlike ink jet printers that lay down color as individual dots, a dye-sublimtion printer transfers ink by heat - causing the dyes to vaporize and permeate the surface before they return to solid form. This creates a gradation at the edges of each pixel, instead of the conspicuous border produced by inkjets.

The Teac P-55 produces vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image. Its 400 dpi resolution is the highest in the industry today! Quick-reload cartridge for color and transfer ribbons included. Requires both a ribbon and a transfer ribbon (not included) for on-disc printing.

Note Due to manufacturer's restrictions, our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee only applies to printers if ink has not been installed or run through them. The Teac P-55 High-Resolution Thermal Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer may be returned for repair (or replacement) at manufacturer's option, but not for refund. One Month Money Back Guarantee if new with ink never loaded.

Additional Information

Manufacturer TEAC
MPN P-55-111
Technical Specifications Model: P-55
PC requirements: Windows 2000/Windows XP operating system Memory: 256MB; 100MB or more space on your hard drive. Your PC must have a parallel port.
Printing Method: Thermal Re-transfer
Printing Media: 12 cm CD/DVD Disc
Ribbon Capacity: 500 images/ ribbon (Full Color)
Print Resolution: 400 dpi
Printing Speed: 80 Sec/ Disc (12 cm Disc)
Interface: IEEE 1284 ECP
Printer Driver: Windows 2K/XP Linux Redhat 7.2
Power Voltage: 100-240Vac
50-60Hz (manual switch)
Power Consumption: 500W or less
Dimensions: 11.875(W) x 9.5(H) x 15.312(D)
Weight: 48.5lbs
Dimensions N/A
Features Revolutionary Printing System Featuring Dye-Sublimation
Professional Photo-Quality
400 DPI Print Resolution(Highest Resolution available today!)
Bleed Free and UV Stable

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