Shure BLX Wireless Microphone Systems

Extended Warranty Available!

Shure BLX series wireless microphones offer a wide range of microphone options with easy set up and that Shure quality you know!

Available with

  • Shure SM58, Beta 58 Handheld Microphones
  • Shure WL93(Omni), WL185(Uni), CVL Lapel Microphones
  • Shure 1/4" Guitar Cable
  • AVTronics AVTPRO Earworn Microphone

Availability: Will Arrive in 7-10 Business Days

Image SKU Product Name Price Qty
SYSBLS58 Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ SM58 Handheld

Regular Price: $436.00

Special Price: $349.00

SYSBLB58 Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ Beta58 Handheld
SYSBL85L Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ WL185 Uni Lapel Microphone
SYSBL93L Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ WL93 Omni Lapel Microphone

Regular Price: $536.00

Special Price: $429.00

SYSBLCVL Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ CVL Lapel Microphone
SYSBL14 Shure BLX Wireless System W/ 1/4" Guitar Cable
SYSBLPRO Shure BLX Wireless Microphone W/ AVTPRO Earworn Microphone
SYSBLXD Shure BLX Wireless System W/Dual PG58 Handheld Microphones
SYSBLXDL Shure BLX Wireless System W/Dual PG85 Lapel Microphones
SYSBL53L Shure BLX14R/MX53 Wireless Headset System with MX153 Headset Mic

Regular Price: $686.00

Special Price: $549.00

WARRADD1 Additional 1 Year Warranty on Shure BLX Systems
Shure BLX Wireless Microphone Systems


Shure BLX wireless microphone system is a great priced system with many microphone options to give you anything you may need in a wireless system.

Shure has worked hard to develop this BLX wireless system. They have given you professional quality audio with setup that is easy for even the most novice of mic users! One touch quick scan feature makes sure you will be using the best available frequency in your area. In today's very busy wireless world that is a great feature to have. They will operate at up to 300' operating range with clear line of sight. Also, up to 14 hours of continuous use from 2 AA batteries. Giving you piece of mind that is backed by the Shure name. Both XLR and 1/4" outputs assure you can plug these in to almost anything. Shure has given you a variety of options as well for your microphone selection. You can choose from the SM58 or Beta58 handheld microphones. Or, choose from the WL93 (Omnidirectional) or WL185(Uni-directional) lapel mics. They also have a guitar wireless setup that has a 1/4" cable included for your guitar. Last but not least you can also get the system with a high quality AVTronics headset. So no matter what configuration you need, it is available.

Additional Information

Technical Specifications

Working Range

  •  91 m (300 ft) Line of Sight
  • Note: Actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.

Audio Frequency Response

  • 50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Note: Dependent on microphone type

Total Harmonic Distortion Ref. ±33 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone

  • 0.5%, typical
  • Dynamic Range  100 dB, A-weighted, typical
Operating Temperature
  •  -18°C (0°F) to 57°C (135°F) Note: Battery characteristics may limit this range.


  •  Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive voltage applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of low impedance output) and the tip of the high impedance 1/4-inch output.


Dimensions N/A
  • Up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band (region dependent)
  • One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference
  • Up to 14 hours of continuous use from 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Up to 300 ft (91 m) operating range for total wireless freedom
  • XLR and

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