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Choosing a loudspeaker?
There are many different things to consider when choosing the right loudspeaker. Not all louspeakers are created equal and are designed for different applications.

First thing that you need to consider is are you using the speaker for spoken word, for live or pre-recorded music or both. If you intend to use your speakers for music of any kind, you will will want a horn-loaded speaker with good dynamic range.

Second, do you intend to “fly” or suspend the speakers form the ceiling or do you want the option of using them as a floor or stage monitor? Many speakers have a trapezoidal design which are designed to rest on their side making them the perfect choice for use as a floor monitor. If you want to hang or suspend speakers from the ceiling make sure that you select a loudspeaker that has been engineered to do so.

Finally, think about the space that you will be using the loudspeaker for,  How big is the room and how much coverage do you need.  This is extremely important when selecting the power the loudspeaker is rated for when pairing them with an external amplifier. 

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