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Digital Recorder - Audio Recorders

Digital Recorder - Audio Recorders

Digital Recorders- Audio Recorders

Handheld Digital Recorders give you quality recordings anywhere!

With a high capacity memory card, handheld recorders can record hours worth of CD quality sound or even days worth of MP3 audio! You won't ever have to worry about running out of recording space.

Great for Podcasting!
If your church isn't Podcasting yet, now is a great time to start! Digital Recorders allow you to upload your message without needing to do any editing or file conversion. It's the easiest way to start sharing your sermons online! Use your computer to burn your audio files to CD!

Built-in Microphones
With built-in microphones, you don't have to set up a full sound system just to get a quality recording. Record a meeting or seminar by simply placing the recorder on a table or lectern and press record! Even mount a handheld recorder on a tripod!

Built-in Battery Power
Not near a power outlet? Switch to battery power and record anywhere! Since there are no moving parts, some recorders have up to a 23-hour battery life!

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