Premium 5-Channel 19" DJ Mixer

For complete versatility at your next gig, you'll want the Behringer NOX1010 DJ Mixer.

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Premium 5-Channel 19" DJ Mixer

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For complete versatility at your next gig, you'll want the Behringer NOX1010 DJ Mixer. 

With a built in USB interface you can record your show live directly to your computer.  It also works the other way so it can play music that you have saved on your computer.  This unit also has 5 channels built into it so you can have several different signal sources to mix together along with a single XLR Xenyx Microphone preamp so you can sing or speak.  There is also a beat syncable FX section with 2 different parameter controls to really help your tracks shine.  Take control over your sound using the incredible 3-band EQ with full kill filters so you can tweak your audio and make it sparkle.  The headphone output allows you to split your signals so that in your left headphone you can hear the Pre-Fader Listener while in your right heaphone you can hear the main mix.  You can also just keep them both in your headphones and use a mix knob to choose which one is louder.  Rest assured that your mixer will last a long time thanks to Behringer making it with high quality components and rugged construction.

Additional Information

SKU BE1114
Manufacturer Behringer
Features No
Technical Specifications

Channels  5 + mic
Analog Inputs  7 x stereo RCA line, 3 x stereo RCA phono, 2 x 1/4" mic, 1 x XLR mic
Analog Outputs  2 x XLR, 3 x stereo RCA
Headphones  1 x 1/4"
Faders  7
EQs  3-band with kills
Effects  Yes
Audio Interface  2-in/2-out via USB
Rackmountable  Yes
Width  19"
Depth  7.5"
Height  4.3"
Weight  6.8 lbs.