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We are proud to announce that we now carry the full line of Communion bread and Communion wafers from Cavanagh- Perfect for Intinction!
These premium quality Communion wafers are especially made to satisfy even the most strict standards your church.  Manufactured in a process where they are never touched by human hands, these wafers are crumble-resistant, and perfect for congregations and individuals who prefer to dip their wafers in the cup of juice or wine.

Beautifully packaged to protect the breads from damage, shelf-life for all of these fine products is 1 year.  Choose from boxes or crush-proof resealable cannisters for the same low price.  Wafers are available in white, and whole wheat, and range in size from the small 1 1/8" individual portions to large whole wheat loaves that will each serve up to 69 members of your congregation.
Individual wafers are available in boxes or cannisters of 1000.  Celebrant's hosts (2 3/4 inch diameter), and loaves of unleavened Communion bread are packaged in quantities of 50.

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