Peavey XR 1220 Powered Mixer 20 Channels

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Peavey XR1220 20 Channel Powered Mixer - 1200 watts

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Peavey XR1220 20 Channel Powered Mixer - 1200 watts

Powered mixers from Peavey will automatically EQ forany room, sanctuary, or auditorium!
Intuitive mixer takes all the characteristics of the room into consideration to maximize performance in that room. The first time you set it up in a room simply plug in any quality microphone to the built-in RTA (real time analyzer) mic input to auto EQ the mixer.
Mid Morph EQ allows you to cut or boost frequencies with a single dial. Most sound boards only have one mid band EQ and they are set up for musical equalization not for voice. The Mid-Morph EQ is on every mono input on these mixers . The Mid Morph EQ is optimized for voice. When turning the Mid-Morph EQ down or counter clockwise the EQ will turn down 250Hz, taking the mud and rumble out of the voice. When turning the Mid-Morph EQ up or clockwise the EQ will turn up 4000Hz, giving the voice better sibilance (you'll hear s's, t's, and words pronounced much better) with  improved clarity. Either way the knob is turned the sound of the voice will improve.
Features include 2 monitor sends for your stage monitors, nursery or overflow area as well as dual, 9-band graphic equalizers. Class D amplifier technology makes them extremely light making them perfect for portable applications. Digital effects include reverb, stereo chorus and delay.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Peavey
MPN XR1220
Technical Specifications N/A
Dimensions N/A

20  XLR channels
Dual 600W amps lightweight Class D
Auto EQ
Feedback Ferret® seeks out all frequencies that cause feedback and eliminates them from your sound system.
4-band EQ on input channels
Digital effects
Dual-9 band graphic EQ
Two monitor sends
Dedicated effect return fader
Fully active subwoofer crossover
25 lbs