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Peavey Solo Portable Pa Band D 476100

Lightweight, fully self-contained!

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Peavey Solo Portable PA

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The Peavey Solo Portable PA has 2 input channels and an 8" speaker for a great portable solution!

The Solo Portable PA is lightweight and can be used for a traveling ministry, youth group or street evangelist. Easy to set-up and take down so you can use it almost anywhere!

Additional Information

SKU PV1145
Manufacturer Peavey
MPN 476100

8 inch heavy-duty speaker
Two channels
Mic channel features low Z input
2-band EQ
Tape out jack
AC adapter or battery power (not included)
High and low impedance inputs
Lightweight, fully self-contained
15 watts (rms) from AC power
10 watts (rms) from battery power

Technical Specifications

Rated Power & Load - 15W RMS into 3.2 ohms
Power @ Clipping - (Typically @ 1kHz 3.2 ohms)
      (Use external Power Pack @ 120 VAC or external regulated + 12 VDC Source):
      15W RMS @ 5% THD
      (Using internal "New" batteries @ 12 VDC):
      10W RMS @ 5% THD
Frequency Response:
      +0. -3 dB, 80Hz to 10 kHz @ 1 watt into 3.2 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion:
      Less than 0.3%, 100 mW to 10W RMS
      80 Hz to 10 kHz, 3.2 ohmd
      Typically below 0.2%
Power Consumption (External Power Pack):
      40 watts @ 120 VAC. 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (Optional 12V Adapter):
      12-17 VDC. Negative Ground
      24 Watts @ 12 VDC. 2 ADC
Battery Complement:
      Eight Size "D". 1.5 Volt (ANSI-L90)
      (Alkaline Type Recommended)
PreAmp Selection:
      The following specs are measured @ 1 kHz with the Low and High EQ controls set @ 5
      Nominal Level is with Gains @ 5
      Minimum Level is with Gains @ 10
Low Z Microphone Input:
      Input Impedance: Low Z, 3.3K ohms
      Nominal Input Level: -36dBV, 15 mV RMS
      Minimum Input Level: -54 dBV, 2 mV RMS
      Maximum Input Level: +6 dBV. 2.0V RMS
High Z Microphone Input:
      Input Impedance: High Z. 33K ohms
      Nominal Input Level: -16 dBV, 150 mV RMS
      Minimum Input Level: -34 dBV. 20 mV RMS
      Maximum Input Level: +26 dBV. 20V RMS
High Z Auxiliary Input:
      Input Impedance: Very High Z. 2.2M ohms
      Nominal Input Level: -20 dBV, 100 mV RMS
      Minimum Input Level: -36 dBV, 16mV RMS
      Maximum Input Level: 0 dBV, 1.0V RMS
System Hum & Noise:
      (Measured @ Nominal Levels. 20 Hz to 20 kHz unweighted)
      80 dB below rated power
     (Low & High Active Type)
     +/-12 dB @ 80 Hz & 5kHz
Tape Output:
     Load Impednace: 10K ohms or greater
     Designed Output: -20 dBv. 0.1V RMS

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