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Kustom KPM 8420 Deluxe Powered Mixer - 400 watts - 8 Channels

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Kustom KPM 8420 Deluxe Powered Mixer - 400 watts - 8 Channels

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Kustom KPM 8420 Deluxe Powered Mixer - 8 Channels - 400 watts delivers clean sound, useful controls and great low price!
Deluxe power mixer! 8 Channels (all XLR / Instrument), 400 Watts, Dual 200w amps, assignable to main speakers or monitors. Dual independent effects sections, Eight 24-bit effects each, Dual Master Graphic EQ (7-band x2), Phantom Power (Switchable) 8 Channels (all XLR / instrument) 400-watts.

The Kustom KPM 8420 is a high-powered combination amp/mixer that provides flexible sound reinforcement for a wide variety of environments. First, it has dual 200-watt assignable amplifiers so you can direct 200 watts to your main speaker setup and then direct the second 200 watts to your monitors. Or direct a combined 400 watts to either.

Features include eight channels with balanced XLR and line level inputs. Two channels offer Instrument-Ready Preamps that make direct boxes a thing of the past. Just plug in your instrument and enjoy a perfectly contoured sound

Additional Information

Features 400 watts
8 channels
8 balanced XLR inputs
8 line level inputs
2 instrument preamps
Dual 7-band master EQ
24-bit digital effects: 2 Modules 8 effects each
Line level out
CD/Tape input w/volume control
Left and right record out jacks
Switchable phantom mic power
34.4 lbs
Manufacturer Kustom
Technical Specifications Output Power
200W per channel: 4 Ohms @ 5% THD
180W per channel: 4 Ohms @ 0.4% THD
Frequency Response
20HZ-20kHz: Actual response is tailored to speaker cabinet foraccurate acoustical response.
Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 0.4%: Measured at 1VRMS (0dBv) at record output effectssend preamp output or Main output.
Hum & Noise
-115dB: Mic Input Rs=150 ohm 20-20kHz
-55dB: Residual Noise all level controls 0% (minimum)
-45dB: Nominal System Noise all level controls at 50%
System Gain
All Measurements made at 1kHz
90 dB: Mic to Power Amp (Ch 1 - Ch8) Pad Off
77dB: Mic to Power Amp (Ch 1 - Ch8) Pad On
72dB: Line to Power Amp (Ch 1 - Ch8) Pad Off
60dB: Line to Power Amp (Ch 1 - Ch8) Pad On
36dB: Playback to Power Amp
50dB: Mic to Main out Pad On
50dB: Mic to Monitor out Pad On
50dB: Mic to Record out Pad On
70dB: Channel to Channel 1kHz
Input Channel Equalization
Special curve that adjusts Bass Mid and Treble frequencies
Master Equalization
100 to 10kHz 7 Band 1 Octave Graphic all ¦12dB
Digital Effects
Two 24 bit DSP modules 8 effects per module.
Module 1: Small Room Large Room Small Hall Double Take Chorus Chorus Reverb Slapback Delay
Module 2: Short Room Med Room Small Hall Med Hall Chorus Chorus Reverb Chorus Hall Short Delay
Phantom Power
+40V: Applied to all Mic inputs when active
Digital effects On/Off and Channel ON/OFF (playback remains active)
Power Requirements
USA/Canada: 120VAC/60Hz 300W nominal
mm/kg: 292 (Height) x 495 (Width) x 305 (Depth) 15.6kg
Inches/Pounds: 11.5 (Height) x 19 (Width) x 12.1 (Depth) 34.4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

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