Behringer Truth B3031A Speakers

Astounding Clarity and Integrity!

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Behringer Truth B3031A Speakers

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With more power and bass response, you get everything the B3030A offers and then some with the Behringer Truth B3031A Monitor Speakers. 

Equipped with an 8 3/4" kevlar woofer, you'll be pumping out bass frequencies like never before.  When paired with the ribbon tweeter, you get astounding clarity and integrity no matter what situation you put these speakers in.  Now with the 285-Watt bi-amp system you can push your speakers even farther taking you to the next level in your audio needs.  The B3031A speakers have an automatic standby mode so they can conserve energy but it can be turned off if you want it.  These speakers were designed with YOU in mind.  Built to give you ultimate control over your sound, built to give you the tools you need, and built to last so that you don't have to keep buying new speakers.  Using the XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, it's easier than ever and the phrase "plug and play" becomes a reality.  Pick up a set of these speakers and find out for yourself how these speakers can unlock your hidden potential.


This product comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. For an extra 2 year warranty at no additional cost you must go online within 90 days of the invoice date and register the product at this link.

Additional Information

SKU BE1054
Manufacturer Behringer
MPN B3031A

2-Way Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor with Kevlar Woofer

Technical Specifications

Type: Monitor
LF Driver Size:8.75”
HF Driver Size:2”
LF Drive Wattage:100
HF Drive Wattage:30
Frequency Range:  50Hz-24kHz
Horizontal/Vertical Coverage Angles:N/A
Cabinet Material: Composite Material
Mount Options: N/A
Inputs: 1-XLR 1-TRS
Outputs: N/A
Dimensions: 15.75x9.81x11.38”
Weight: 33lbs