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40 Days to Fruitfulness - Kit

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40 Days to Fruitfulness - Kit

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Reach hundreds û even thousands û for Christ when you implement these key principles! Jesus said to us in Mark 15:16, ô Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. ö ItÆs a hard task to fulfill. It can be quite difficult for someone to share their faith. It doesnÆt matter who it is ù it can be a stranger or a family member ù and we still feel uncomfortable talking about Jesus. This kit, combined with the 40 Days to Fruitfulness book, is designed to help you be more effective in reaching people for Christ. Get your church excited about sharing their faith. Use this Kit and the 40 Days to Fruitfulness book to put together a special program at your church. Get a small group involved, or have your whole church go through the program! Everyone will feel better equipped and more fulfilled! Please note: Book is a separate purchase and is not included in this kit.

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Features Kit includes: Promotional posters ò Easel cards ò Program Sign-up sheets ò Bulletin inserts ò And more!

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